Google Business Apps

Powerful tools to run your business

Discover how Google Apps for Business can help your Business save time, money and get more done!

With Google Apps for Business, you'll have anytime, anywhere access to web-based apps such as email, calendar, documents and more.
Google Apps

  • Mobile access on any device
  • No hardware or software required
  • 25GB inbox with amazing spam filters
  • Realiable and Secure Service
  • High Level Customer Support

At Relativ Data we will work with your Business and guide you along the best approach, by our experienced and certified professionals, providing one on one training sessions and easy to contact support.


  • Reliable, powerful email that's available when you need it

    Access your email from anywhere and improve productivity

    Stay on top of what's new with Gmail for business - available from any web browser, your mobile phone, tablet, or even offline. Gmail for business works with Microsoft Outlook® and offers a 99.9% uptime SLA.

    Anytime, anywhere access:

    Email that is easy to manage

    Keep mail organized and stay on top of important messages; plus, get 50 times more storage than the industry average and less spam.

    • Labels act as folders to keep emails organized
    • Stars indicate important messages
    • Filters control the flow of incoming mail
    • Priority Inbox automatically identifies important emails for you

    Integrated IM, voice and video chat

    Say goodbye to multiple applications. With Google Apps, you'll get all your mail in your Gmail inbox, and can use voice and video chat from the same, easy-to-use application.

    Google GMail Video Overview

  • Stay on top of your schedule

    Keep teams and schedules in sync

    The best projects start with effective teams, and helping your people stay in sync is key. With Google Calendar, employees can easily view co-workers' calendars to determine availability and schedule meetings.

    • Create team calendars for a select group, and share, company-wide
    • Overlay calendars to see availability
    • Send invites, manage RSVPs
    • Publish calendars externally for projects that are outside the company

    Today's teams are often on the road or remote, but still need to stay in the loop. Google Calendar syncs with mobile phones, and makes sure meeting information—like time and location—is always available. Get notifications via email, including reminders, new meetings or changes.

    • Works on mobile devices including Android™, iPhone® and BlackBerry®
    • Integrated with Gmail
    • Works with other popular calendar applications

    Google Calendar Video Overview

  • Make online documents the starting point for collaboration

    Online word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms

    With Google Docs, you can create documents on the web and invite real-time sharing with other employees to get instant feedback. Because they are web-based, documents can be accessed from anywhere, including a mobile device, so you'll always have the latest version.

    Easily store and share files

    Store work files on Google Docs so they're accessible from any web-enabled device and backed up online. Share files with co-workers or external users.

    Here are a few ways you can use Google Docs for your business

    google docs
    • Letterhead
    • Budget planner
    • Project proposal
    • Invoice
    • Survey
    • Business plan
    • Meeting agenda
    • Job application
    • Employee time sheet
    • Press release
    • Business start-up costs
    • Job applicant scoring
    • Project timeline
    • Presentations

    Google Documents Video Overview

  • Create sites as easily as writing a document

    Keep information organized and in a central place

    With Google Sites, you can store and organize what's important to your company—from project plans to vacation schedules, and training videos—and make sure it's always available from anywhere, including a mobile device. Manage sharing and site access across your business, and allow some or all employees to publish information.

    Use templates to quickly create sites

    Choose from dozens of pre-built templates, like a project wiki or a company intranet, that help you build a collaborative site, quickly.

    Here are a few ways you can use Google Sites for your business

    Project site
    Project site
    Team site
    Team site
    Employee profiles
    Employee profiles

    Google Sites Video Overview

  • Stay connected on the go with iPhone apps by Google.

    Google Search

    Search Google using your voice, your location or your phone's camera.


    Google+ New!

    Real-life sharing rethought for the web, wherever you are.



    The Gmail app offers a familiar user interface with conversation view. Search for any email saved in your account.

    Google Maps

    Search for local businesses, and get driving, transit, or walking directions. Google Maps is pre-installed on iPhone.


    Google Places

    Find places, rate them, and get recommendations with Google Places.



    Watch videos or upload your own. YouTube is pre-installed on iPhone.


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