Point of Sale Solution

Innovative Point of Sale Business Solution


A simple and intuitive Point-of-Sale System you'll love to use.Innovative POS Solution


So simple, a modern, easy-to-use interface, built on the latest technology. It's fast, responsive, and easily customised.

Touch-screen friendly user interface is designed to work with both mouse and keyboard, as well as touch-based input, on a wide variety of devices. So it works the way you want to use it, on the equipment you already own.

Take sales offline, continues to run seamlessly and without interruption when your internet connection drops, so you can keep taking sales. The next time you connect, your sales data will automatically synchronise and back up. 

VendHQ point-of-sale screen

Managing your products, easily add, edit and remove products, including stock changes and taxes. Flexible pricing options include full support for price breaks, discounts, sale campaigns, and specific pricing by location and by customer.

Keep track of your customers and accounts. Allows you to record a sale directly against a customer account, and process payments against that account at another location or on another date. You can organise your customers into groups and also view a full sales history for each account.

Get an instant snapshot of your sales. Your dashboard is updated immediately as sales are processed, giving you a real-time view of your sales history and popular products. A full suite of products, sales and stock reports.

As well as seamlessly integrated with Xero, the world's easiest accounting software. No more manual double entry of sales data into your accounting system. Daily sales totals are automatically entered into Xero for reconciliation with your bank account, and you can even setup individual invoices and statements for on-account customers.


Innovative POS dashboard

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