Fitness Mobile App

Fact: The mobile Industry has been booming like crazy over the past 5 years, there have been over 20 billion apps downloaded. 91% of all customers have a cell phone or mobile device with their reach 24/7. Customers are using their mobiles to find their next purchase. Not having a Mobile experience can loose you Business.

A fitness centre would greatly benefit from features like:

  • Quick Contact Page + Business Information + Easy 'one button' Calling
  • Weekly Schedule with Class Information
  • Great Excercise Tips, Work out guide and Nutrition Information
  • Ability for Clients to note down Work outs results, eg. exercise diary
  • Information about the Trainers
  • Sending Messages directly to your Customers Phone for new classes and specials
  • Provide a quick 'contact us' facility for new members
  • Customers can immediately communicate with your Business through Social Networks eg. Facebook, Twitter, Fan Walls
  • Competitions and opportunities for clients to submit a photos of their favourite excises to share of Facebook
  • Ability to signup to Newsletters and Email Lists
  • Ability to provide up to date Information through a Blog, Image Gallery and Videos
  • Present a list of Events
  • Allow the Business to build Brand Loyalty and help your Business get ahead of the Competition!
  • Mobile Apps bring Excellent Value and enable Cost Efficient Marketing Techniques for your Fitness Centre - Great Return on Investment!


Relativ Data Designer